Winotrade is a website focused on the best and the most innovative trading platforms provided by online brokers. Our mission is to help our visitors to understand what's the potential of all new types of trading, which brokers have a good service and how to benefit of all that.

We're a small team interested in innovation, next generation software, automated-solutions for traders and what's really the easiest and fastest method to be successful. In 21st century the life is too fast, so we're looking for a method to slow it down and focus our energy on the tools that matter.

The market is really big, there are tones of sites, signals, charts, strategies, tools, analyzers and so much more. If you start to use all of them, in 3-6 months your mind is going to have some issues, that's a lot of information.

Everybody makes decision based on data. That's the way for everyone. When you have a tool to condense all the information in few words only or just numbers, the life is easier. That's our philosophy.

What means Winotrade? Win Through Trade - that's the only reason to use financial trading. Every trader wants results.

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